Hattiesburg Mini Maker Faire & Magnificent Thing Competition

The inaugural Hattiesburg Mini Maker Faire was held on February 3, 2018 at the historic downtown Hattiesburg Train Depot. Dr. Anna Wan and Ms. Teresa Sappington, a high school engineering teacher, led a steering committee of community members and USM faculty though the year-long process of approval with Make Magazine. Over 300 attended event with with 15 booths ranging from Camp Shelby’s IED trailer to Hattiesburg High School’s Polymer Science Program and Mississippi Children’s Museum.

At the Faire, Drs. Cwikla and Wan led the Magnificent Thing Competition. Five teams of four high school students were given identical boxes of components with construction materials, craft materials, electronic components, and AVR micro controller kits to create their “most magnificent thing.” Entries were judged on aesthetic composition, technical complexity, creativity, and integration of electrical and non-electrical components from the box. The 20 high school students had 4.5 hours to learn how to program a microcontroller operate a 180-degree micro servo.

Among the entries were a robot named “Spike” that used a HC-SR04 Ultra sonic sensor to detect sound waves directed at the device and trigger the servo to wave back, a keychain security system that used an ultra sonic sensor to detect when a key was removed and sound an alarm via a piezo buzzer, a battle bot, a movie projector made by moving LEDs to create a strobe-like effect, and a light-up replica of a soccer field and stands. A judging panel of university professors in mathematics, computer science, and art declared the keychain security system team the winners. The team received home DIY 3D printer kits for their win.

February 3, 2018

Hattiesburg Train Depot